Test of high-speed shooting with E-M5

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peevee1 wrote:

boggis the cat wrote:

Brue wrote:

Are you the same engineer who posted the following:


"Sound from IBIS" is just a BS some sales guy blabbered when he did not know what to answer, and it gets repeated over and over.

When there is this:


Olympus issued that official response to explain the Sound Noise you hear on the E-M5: "You are hearing the new 5 axis Image Stabilization system. It uses a type of Magnetic field to keep the sensor assembly suspended so you will even hear it if the IS system is disabled."

Possibly. But then the idea that the sound is from a "cooling fan" is highly prevalent amongst the reviewers despite that making no sense in a closed system.

It is not a thermally closed system if it has surface.

And find me another way to get higher performance (8+ fps on 16 mpix) out of the TruePic VI compared to the processor in E-P3 (3 fps on 12 mpix?), E-PM1 and E-PL3 (5.5 fps on 12 mpix?)

Try to turn off a cooler on you computer/laptop. You will not be able to get even half of the performance out of it. There is a cooler (or several) in your TV etc. This is how modern electronics operates. There is nothing wrong with it. Well, a little shooshing sound.

Sure, if the processor is working harder it will produce more heat, but it should be possible to design the body to radiate it away, except of course it is a small body with not much radiating surface. Often, heat problems in this kind of equipment are the most intractable and expensive to fix. If your thermal simulation hasn't proved accurate, and you find units failing in soak tests when you've already committed to production tooling, the costs can be horrendous. Often, the quickest fix is to squeeze in a cooler somewhere, and if it's a late addition, it probably won't be possible to put in any sound damping.

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