Which D300(s) replacement?

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Re: Which D300(s) replacement?
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I have created a deal of resentment in some quarters because I do not believe that if Nikon releases the D600 in the $1500-$2000 price range, there is room for a profitable 'D400' in the same price range. Simply, I don't think it will sell in big enough quantity and with enough margin to be a good business prospect for Nikon.

Leaving that debate aside, why do you believe that creating a D400 that is to the D800 what the D300 was to the D700, ie, similar but not identical body, almost identical internally in all regards not being sensor-size dependent, would result in a camera more expensive than the D300?

I'm not taling about a similar but not identical body. I'm talking about an identical body.

Because I see your D800-based DX suggestions as being very, very close to such a D400, but you price it much higher than the D300. Or asked differently, why was the D300 priced at 60% of the D700 price, but your DX D800 is priced at 83% of the D800 price?

The D300 was cheaper than the D700 for three reasons. Firstly, it had a DX sensor, which as we know is much cheaper than an FX one. Secondly, some of the components were smaller and cheaper. Things like pentaprisms, reflex mirrors, etc. Thirdly it was mass produced in Thailand rather than being made in small volumes in Sendai. Now, the second and the third are very much volume dependent. If Nikon can't get the volume, they can't pay for the R&D (mainly D) to design and tool for the smaller body. If they can't get the volume, they can't make the volume savings in production. However, people seem to say that they must have a fast, metal bodies, 51 point AF DX camera. Well, it struck me that the way Nikon could provide for that market would be to simply take the D800, so no R&D cost, and fit a DX sensor - along with minor adjustments to the focussing screen and eyepiece. Obviously, if that is just a production line variant, it will cost the same as the D800, less the extra cost of the FX sensor, which I estimated at $500.

That was the thinking - this would be a specialist camera produced in small volumes alongside the D800 in Sendai, not a mass market camera made in Thailand.

But when you make a poll about how much interest a camera might gather already assuming that it will not gather much interest and present prices based on this assumed outcome of your poll, you have a somewhat self-fulfilling prophecy.

Its not self fulfilling, in that my poll will have no effect at all on what Nikon actually does.

If you say to a D300 owner, 'do you want a new one, only better, at the same price' of course he will say yes. For their sake, I hope Nikon makes a D400, but I don't think they will, because I can't see the business for it. The point of this poll is to learn what would be their preferred option if that is the case. I think I can predict pretty well what they'll buy if I'm wrong - a D400.

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