Canon EOS 7Dx and EOS 70D

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Re: Canon EOS 7Dx and EOS 70D
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You may have a point, but remember you're comparing an old 7D with a new (still only rumored) D600. Still, not all the features are as key as you seem to think, see below.

bobn2 wrote:

It's very difficult to argue convincingly that the 7D is any less 'consumer level' than the D600. The D600 is basically a FF D7000, and the 7D and D7000 share the following characteristics:

100% VF
Dual wheel controls

This is a standard feature at this level, shared by models either side in both families.

Dual card slots

The 7D doesn't have this... the replacement may or may not. Not a deciding factor amongst "average joes" anyway.

Level indicator

This is becoming a standard feature across both ranges.

Advanced multipoint AF
Weather sealing
Polymer chassis with magnesium alloy body panels
Wireless flash commander

This has been a standard Nikon feature for some time and is now becoming a standard Canon feature. But if 7D does go fullframe it'll actually lose this feature.

In addition, the D600 will have features which the 7D does not

No Canon camera has this feature. Minor feature in any case.

Spot metering on focus point
RGB metering (2k pixel)

Canon doesn't seem likely to do this, based on past offerings. The metering systems have always been different between C and N anyway.

Now, some will argue about the effectiveness of the AF, but that is debatable. Some will argue about the 'build quality' but not based on any real tangible metrics. The truth is that apart from the frame rate the D7000 is completely comparable with the 7D, and the same is true of the D600.

But that is not even the main issue. the main issue is what will be more attractive to the average Joe with $2k to spend on a camera, and my bet is that a FF 7D, even at 5FPS will attract more than an APS-C 7D with 8FPS. Make it an APS-H 7D with 8FPS and maybe you have a fight on your hands.

You're ignoring the people that bought the 7D for its framerate advantage over the 50D/60D at the time...

Still, I can see where you're coming from on these things and while I disagree, this seems far more rational than most of the thread so far.

I still can't understand why you think a majority of current users would change format or even brand instead of taking a more logical upgrade. Don't forget many users in this category have an investment in lenses. Think EF-S 15-85; 17-55; 10-22 etc All very popular on the 7D and incompatible with fullframe.

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