7d Capture accident on hiking

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Re: 7d Capture accident on hiking
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I would look at this in a much more positive light. Here are some (or one) inexperienced trekkers learning a lesson (hopefully).

This chap obviously doesn't have the level for one of the prestigious Darwin Awards!

riknash wrote:

Yes, it was obvious from all the tracks that the photographed idiot wasn't the first one up that slippery slope. Balsa, it's your fault you didn't shout at them that they were fools and placing their lives in peril. Living close to many popular mountains, I see this conduct all the time and read about "accidents" all the time. There is a reason they are called young and foolish. Its the same ones that don't understand why there is a speed limit. It is truly sad when someone dies this way as it was so unnecessary. A little avoidance caution goes a long way to preventing serious injury or death in the mountains. Those cheap day hiker boots don't have adequate traction for snow and ice on steep slopes. The laws of physics will take over and gravity will pull you down. This guy was the last one while you were there but likely after everyone that was aware of the near serious accident had left the scene, others would arrive to be tested by the situation, drawn by all the tracks up the slope. Even with caution and danger signs, fools will ignore the signs. Apparently these scenarios provide opportunity to put into practice the Darwin theories of evolution for survival of the fittest.

Balsa wrote:

For all of you who criticize me, just to know that I took a series of 5 guys who were descending on this snowy place. The guy from photos was the last. I was about 30 meters away from him when this happens. This happened very quickly, just a meter of few seconds captured by camera, immediately after that I ran and helped this man! No way I could just stay and watch. Fortunately for him he pass with minor scratches and bruises.

This photos represent a warning that should keep all people in mind that this king of "fun" is very dangerous and could be deadly if you don't watch yourselves.


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