Everyone is a pro photographer (apparently)

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Re: Everyone is a pro photographer (apparently)
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Shamus1 wrote:

Another part of the problem as you alluded to is the increased quality of entry level and consumer cameras, to the point that unless there is challenging lighting, they can achieve relatively good images. I know a couple of 'pros' who have no clue of what to do under difficult conditions.

p.s. Love images 2 & 5. great work.

The things a camera automates have never been the difficult part of photography. Focussing and getting the correct exposure have never been that difficult. Even in the days of film you did not have to have a very expensive camera to equal a top line cameras output. You all shot with the same sensor after all.
The willingness of people even pro's to give photography away is mind blowing.

I've just pulled all my stuff from Alamy, 60% of $3.64 does not relate to anything I can buy. Especially when I'm paying £20. per minute just to get the shot. I get some support from others on the site who agree things have gone to far, others think I'm moaning to much and should smile and take it on the chin.

There is no value placed on photography, even if you hired a bunch of models, make-up artist etc you are lumped into the same pile as someone on a day trip to the Zoo. All photography now is regarded as equal, it's vale is measured by the size of the file. It like valuing a car by it's length, but you don't expect to pay the same for a BMW as you would a Kia even if it is the same length. Photography no distinction is made, the fact that the picture would not exist without investment by the photographer counts for nothing.

One day the fashion for well lit studio portraits will become the rage, instead of the now popular natural look that anyone can get lucky with. Maybe then we will see a decrease in the amount of people calling themselves pro's. I doubt it though, how often do we see studio portraits shown here shot with two soft boxes at 45 degrees on a roll of paper? It's a very sorry state at the moment, everyone believes they can get it good with their phone let alone hiring a pro with knowledge and insurance.


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