How will the Canon mirrorless entry affect MFT?

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Re: Study history a bit more closely
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TrapperJohn wrote:

Eventually, Canon may get to where they have multiple bodies and dozens of lenses, but where will M43 be by then? The EM5 just took the amateur world by storm.

Wow, you're so high on the EM5 that you fail to face reality! Unit sales of the EM5 are still tiny compared to what Canon sells every day with their other cameras. That's what you fail to realize. In fact, m43 sales are tiny relative to the broader market. In other words, m43 has yet to crack the general market that is still dominated by the myriad cameras that Canon and Nikon sell. m43's position is not nearly as strong as you seem to think it is in the market. You say that the EM5 "took the amateur world by storm", but when I look at Amazon's "Best Sellers in Camera & Photo List", I find the EM5 at #28 behind several Canon and Nikon DSLRs. Heck, the $3500 Canon 5D MKIII (currently ranked at #24) is even beating the EM5 on Amazon right now! So in the "amateur world", Canon and Nikon bodies are still leaving the EM5 in the dust.

Plus, how many of these EM5 owners would have bought a Canon instead, if one were available? Obviously, a certain percentage of these buyers would have chosen the Canon instead. That's what Olympus is going to have to face when Canon enters the market. So this "storm" you speak of, which isn't quite as strong as you seem to think it is when it comes to actual sales relative to other cameras, probably won't nearly be as strong in the future,

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