Canon EOS 7Dx and EOS 70D

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TTMartin wrote:
x-vision wrote:

They can't do more, since they will have to charger more - but this won't work, as the D600 will likely kill the sales of any crop camera priced at more than $1400.

This shows a clear misunderstanding of the impact of the crop sensor for a sports shooter. Today people are buying the Canon 1D MkIV dispite the release of the 5D MkIII at about $800 less, and the 1DX being available.

The high frame rate and extra reach of the APS crop factor are huge for sports shooters. Long fast glass is expensive, a APS crop camera allows using less expensive glass on an less expensive camera.

You are right, there is a demand there. The problem is that it is a niche demand, and the question is whether there is sufficient demand overall for pro spec APS-C. You can see the way Nikon is going with this with the introduction of the D7000 and effective discontinuance of the D300 line. The D7100 will probably have a higher frame rate and 51 point AF. Canon could do the same, add 2 FPS and better AF to the 70D if tehy didn't have the 7D in the line. That is the way it's going. I suspect though that Canon will be sticking to its roadmap and the 7DII will be a simple update of the 7D, with the new hybrid AF sensor and the 61 point AF system. Many existing 7D owners will upgrade, and it will even gather a few dissident ex-D300 owners, like the 5DIII gathered a few dissident D700 owners.

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