Would You Buy a FF T4i for $1,600?

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bobn2 wrote:

And THAT is the real $1600 question. What are you willing to give up from current FF bodies to meet that price tag? Build quality? Focus speed? Focus points? Write times? Shutter durability? High iso? Burst rate? Something has to give at that price.

Not really, because none of those things really costs very much in terms of the real hardware costs. The only reason features have to give is product positioning, which is where Canon has boxed itself in with the high price and spec of the 5DIII. They don't have any freedom to position by sensor spec, which is what they used to do, because the sensor spec of the 5DIII is already very low by the standards of today's market. They can't differentiate by frame rate, because the 5DIII's frame rate is not sufficiently high to allow slipping something below without it looking ludicrously slow in terms of today's market. They have left room with AF. But with the price, people would be looking for very large differentials to justify $2000 price difference, and they just don't have scope for that. Bad product planning, in retrospect - but then it's always easy to be wise after the event.

...it was just as easy to "be wise before the event". And Canon's idea of "being wise" was thinking that "they will pay because they have no other choice unless they go to the trouble to switch systems."

So, in the short term, I think Canon made the right move with the 5D3 features and pricing. The question is what's going to happen in the long term. If the next-gen Canon DSLRs have a sensor that competes well, or even beats, the Nikon-Sony sensors, then I say Canon made the right move. If not, I think they suffer from an inflated sense of name recognition and/or poor planning.

In short, the 5D3 is everything I looked for in a 5D2, and it's a camera I'd love to have. But $3500 for such a machine in the context of the other options than now exist (or will exist soon), doesn't make sense to me.

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