NEX-5 + Minolta MD Tele Rokkor 135mm/3.5

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ProfHankD wrote:

forpetessake wrote:

a 100% crop

I don't have a Rokkor 135mm f/2.8 so I can't say how good/bad it is, but the above image marked as the Rokkor looks like the focus plane is tilted. The level of detail falls off sharply left and right of his left shoulder, but not vertically, which suggests you did not align the focus plane with the target. This also looks like a

No, what you see is close to the upper left corner, so the lens gets worse the closer to the corner it is. The similar softness was in the middle as well, I don't have comparison results to post here. I might re-shoot those tests with other 135mm lenses, though I don't really want to spend time on what is already known to be a very mediocre lens. And believe me, the lens sucks at infinity as well. I think current price around $30 is in the ballpark, this lens doesn't cost any more, better 135mm lenses cost over $100.

crop from a close focus scene, which is not what a 135mm is normally optimized for. You're also comparing it with a 100mm saying quality of 135mm lenses varies dramatically...? In summary, not a good way to prove your point even if your point is valid....

The multitude of 135mm lenses I do have range from terrible to excellent, with most in the near-excellent range. The Soligor I have, which is a 1950s version, is terrible -- but wide open it does have decent sharpness hidden behind tons of halo; it is probably the most flattering portrait lens I own:

My second poorest 135mm is a Sears... which is optically about average among all my lenses. The rest of my 135mm lenses are all significantly better than average (across all focal lengths) and certainly better than most zooms, including modern ones.

Incidentally, my MC Rokkor QD 135mm f/3.5 on my NEX-5 was somewhat middle-of-the-pack... although on my NEX-7 it is one of the best. There are other issues in play. I find the NEX-7 delivers better microcontrast than the NEX-5, so lenses with high resolution but low micro-contrast often do better on the NEX-7. I don't know if the NEX-5N is more like the 5 or the 7 in this aspect.

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