RX100 - Sony, why 20 mp?

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Agreed on all accounts! Indeed an eloquent and refreshing post (nt)
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wb2trf wrote:

The incivility here is not mutual. alexzn chose to go ad hominem on this one: " it the pixel size, stupid... ". I suppose that is deemed an intimidation factor.

My general view of this is that this camera market is so wonderfully competitive that any attempt to deliver less than the best that can be delivered at any price point results in crushing defeat, and so is rarely attempted. When it is attempted, the result is heavy handed and unambiguous, not this.

Certainly there is an IQ optimizing pixel density for any given wafer fab technology. Some believe that they here know better than Sony engineering and that Sony engineering is controlled by marketing people who force them to put a suboptimally high level of pixel density because that sells to people who are less informed than these smart dpr posters. I don't believe that. Further I think that for a given fab technology and viewing size of an image, the optimization curve does not actually favor one one pixel density for typical low light photography and another for high detail bright light. Not visibly so ever, I think. I don't think the engineering team has difficult trade offs to make on that dimension for the reasons identified by other posters. The difficult engineering decisions are around costs and yield and consistent quality. I think with this camera Sony is doing the best that it can and stretching for us to win market.

I am generally skeptical about catholicity in dpr posting, about the desire to believe certain beliefs as a matter of creed. The "higher pixel count is forced by marketeers but worsens IQ" story is just such an invented belief and, when wielded with epithets attached as alexzn does, appears aimed at rallying the faithful. I'm not in that church.

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