Capitalism is the Dominant force in the U.S.A.

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Bill Randall
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Re: Capitalism is the Dominant force in the U.S.A.
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Chato wrote:

Bill Randall wrote:

I like to see some data on how they rate "standard of living" and you are just the man to provide it.

A good life

I think it is fine that countries try different ways of doing things. I wish Sweden the best. We must recognize that just because something works will in Sweden does not mean it will work well in the USA. We each have a different culture.

By most standards, life is comfortable in Sweden. Education is free from six years of age to university, and most health care and pension benefits are paid for by employer and income taxes.

What do they do with the children in class that are a distraction or just don't want to learn?

Be very suspicious when government provides services and benefits. Government cannot be trusted as Greece and the USA can attest to.

Take, for example, an average electrician in Sweden. He is likely to have a three-room apartment in the city and may have a small summer cottage in the countryside together with his partner, who also works full time. The couple is able to afford a biofuel car and a yearly vacation abroad, while supporting two children in daycare.

So everyone learns to depend on the government, just like the Greeks did.

Like all other workers in Sweden, the electrician also enjoys a minimum of five weeks of paid vacation per year, along with paid sick and parental leave. If he and his partner have a child, they are entitled to up to 480 days of paid leave. Since they are working, the couple is also allowed up to a combined 120 days of paid leave per year to care for sick children.

Sweden sees many of these benefits as necessary rights for everyone, regardless of income or social status. They help to make sure that all children are educated and healthy, and that people from all parts of society are offered equal opportunities. It is a collective effort; if everyone contributes, everyone benefits.

"If everyone contributes, everyone benefits." Note the first word in that sentence is "If". So everyone is dependant upon everyone else. What if some decide they don't want to work, what then? I guess no matter how hard the others work they will get a reduction in benefits?

Their system is one that has not survived the test of time. I see it as a de-emphasis of individual responsibility and an emphasis on social responsibility - and recognize if you destroy the individual or degrade the individual you destroy/degrade the society.

Should their system survive the test of time that would be great. But I see several ways it could fail - especially if tried here in the USA. For one thing it appears to reduce the emphasis on productivity. Reduce productivity and you reduce the potential of both the individual and the society.

If, when I talk about governments, I sound like Mr. Gloom and Doom it is because I am. I have failed to see, at any level of government in the USA, the leadership, responsibility, integrity that I think should be represented.

Sounds like pure hell. Five weeks vacation? They must be bored shtless...

I worked for a company long enough that I eventually got four weeks vacation. The trick was to actually take the days.

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