Capitalism is the Dominant force in the U.S.A.

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Bill Randall
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Re: Capitalism is the Dominant force in the U.S.A.
In reply to Chato, Jun 14, 2012

Chato wrote:

Bill Randall wrote:

Although I have visited many countries I have not lived in them. So you may be correct when you say they are just as free or more so. But speaking as one who has read a little about them, let me give you some views that run contrary to your statement.

1. In past posts you raved about how great Greece was. Now I learn many did not pay their taxes and government employees may have been overpaid compared to the private sector. And now the country, and many people, are broke.

2. Spain, France and Italy seem to be having a financial crisis as well. Money has a magical element about it. It measures just how good an economy is. If it is going financially broke then it doesn't matter too much how great its programs are or it's living conditions or the level of it's freedom. With less money there is less freedom.

3. You have in the past indicated how great the Scandinavian countries are. But I have read that the tax rate is very high. In other words, the hard workers are having more money taken from them compared to other countries. Therefore, individuals do not have the same economic freedom as in countries with lower taxes.

Now Greece, Spain, France, Italy and the Scandinavian countries may have a population that is perfectly happy with this situation and that is fine. We Americans are happy when we get to spend our money our way and not the governments way.

Excluding the Scandinavian countries, Greece, Spain, France and Italy all decided to party now and pay for it later. Their choice. But it is now later and they must pay now, so I don't think the freedom they have had applies to their future.

I could be wrong, but the above certainly indicates all is not roses where you have lived.

The US ranks last for upward mobility of all the modern Western Countries. Considering the propaganda we are subjected to on a daily basis, that's a pretty signifigant statistic.

So even as the Left protests the increasing loss of our political freedoms, where is the Political Right, protesting the loss of our economic Freedoms?

I suppose these people who should be protesting are now called "RINO's," and what passses for Conservatives these days is to busy supporting Corporate rule to be bothered...

I was describing a snap shot of Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the USA now. The USA is, so I have heard, about four years behind them. Our day is coming. All these countries have such great programs that they obviously cannot afford. Money is telling them they cannot afford those programs. That the politicians have what sound like Utopian societies can last only a short time - before they run out of money.

Now some of those great Utopian ideas may be possible, if citizens are willing to pay the price in taxes with reduced personal spending power.

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