Forget Cost - Sony SLT a57 or a77 ?

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Re: Forget Cost - Sony SLT a57 or a77 ?
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philbot wrote:

Undah wrote:

I followed that link and did some things.

I added the Nikon D700 to the mix, then focused on the watch face. (ISO3200, RAW)

After running neat-image (individually) and downsizing to 12 mp (to match the D700) the a57 comes really close, leaving the a77 behind (words too blurry to make out).

I didn't do this for the a580, because I'm more interested in the a57 feature set.

Kind of an interesting exercise. I suppose I can post the pic if anyone is interested.

As pointed out, you have to be very careful with focus/exposure differences in the comparison tool, but you can get a feel for things..

The A57 IMO has a very small advantage at ISO3200 onwards over the 24MP sensor, so I certainly think that it's fair to say at the absolute limit of things you can come to that conclusion..

I wouldn't however underestimate the FF advantage, if you look at the 'RAW' for each camera (I've chosen the A65 over the A77, as this had a newer firmware and seems closer in exposure/focus)

I can see the differences, but in terms of noise and detail, the A57/A65 is marginal compared to the very clean looking D700..

Here is some more thoughts...While the D700 is a nice camera, its a 5 FPS camera...same as the 5 year old Sony A700. Incidentally the A700 is not weather sealed.

Ive never used ISO 3200 or any film approaching that speed in 50 years....But I do use 12 FPS alot because I am an action shooter, baseball, hockey, Birds in flight. 5 years ago I bought the A700 because it almost doubled my FPS rate from my KM 7D. When the A77 came out with 12 FPS I just had to have it... All the other features that came with this camera just blew me away..

I'm fairly confident that Sony will be introducing All new weather sealed lenses down the road .. Even Nikon and Canon are moving that way, because its a good thing and even though Sony jumped on this feature, its just the way the trend in photography is going . Sony likes to try new things not rest on their laurels, like some other manufacturers have in the past.. This Noise issue that so many people use to jump on Sony, in my experience. I usually do not take photographs in poor light, and if I do choose to do so... its 1% of my total photo opportunities.. You can look at thousands and thousands of ON line Photo galleries from Photo bucket, flicker, smug mug, and you wont find too many people showing off low light shots...where 1600 or 3200 ISO is needed. 90 % of my shoots are in excellent light, I choose to shoot inn excellent light. But for the small amount of need for ISO, I'm happy to have all the best features that the A77 gives me..

Here is a shot of reality for those who actually shoot real opportunities..

look at this example offered of this watch face...and the comparison... sure the D700 is better, but who in their right mind would shoot a watch face in low light on purpose??? If I shot that watch the image would look almost 3 dimensional in a 2 dimensional way... All these "TEST" shots used to show off noise are very unrealistic in the real world.. No one would choose a setting of 3200 ISO to shoot a watch.. most real photographers would use a soft box.. Again I point you to the millions of shots on line taken from real life situations and you will see very very little need for High ISO.

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