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Unexpresivecanvas wrote:

The advise they gave me at the beginning was to read all you can about macro photography before buying any equipment.

That's good advice for any genre of photography.

Also the road somebody suggested was to try the reverse rings with a cheap 50mm lens (A/K/M series or even the m42 lenses). In this way you can experiment and see for yourself if you enjoy and like the results.

True but you are very limited by the focus range. Instead of having quite a long throw between too close and too far the range is tight; you often have to move the camera backwards and forwards to get focus. While it certainly works it can be a lkot more effort than using a proper macro lens.

Also there are extension tubes to shoot macro.

Yes, but be very careful. You can buy fully manuak extension tube sets for ads little as $ (or£)10 but they are useless fopr DA leses withot aerure ring becase tere's no way to set aperture. These cheap sets are fine with FA lenses or 3rd party lenses like the Tamro 90 or Sigma 105 (and plenty of others, especially older ones) that have aperture rings.

If you can find them (I got some a few years ago but my source has disappeared) a set of auto tubes will cost about £-$150.

Extension tubes have a similar problem to reversing - they reduce the focus range (what they do is eliminate infinity focus) - although it is less severe until the extension gets near the FL of the bare lens.

Where tubes are great is in getting to much bigger than 1:1 enlargement when used on true macro lenses.Here's piece of silk at about 4:1 (that means 4:1 on the sensor - by the time it reaches your screen it's more like 20:1)

and a grain of salt

Actually I also used yet another magnifying device for these shots as well as the tubes - a 2X TC. You can use one of those on ordinary lenses to get close-up (but not true macro) but I think of these things as ways of increasing the value of macro lenses rather than as substitutes.

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