Top 10 Most Expensive Photographs In The World

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DPReview and Art are orthogonal, but that's not the issue.
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OP, you are right of course, but this site has nothing to do with art. It is all about popular photographic technology. The vocabulary of the art world is just missing from here and that isn't bad. It is just what this site is. I think you would need to be very insulated from the world of art to think otherwise. I don't think anyone really believes that the world of high end art photography or photographic museum curators is influenced by the kinds of discussions that occur here. There are zillions of people with cameras and fancy equipment who take pictures, with some level of competence in dpr terms, who cannot get the time of day from an art photography world that responds to entirely different criteria. Just look at any photo blog site and you will see stuff that in some sense is technically competent that the high end art world is completely uninterested in.

The real problem with pixel peeping, anti-noise, etc. is not that it is mostly uncorrelated with art, which of course it is, but rather that it is mostly uncorrelated with how we see when viewing images at normal viewing distance for an entire image. That which appears sharp at a pixel level with loupe may appear less sharp than that which appears fuzzy when each is viewed at normal viewing distance. This and related phenomena are the more mundane level at which many common views here are unrelated to quality. Fortunately the camera companies understand this and regularly produce better cameras, ignoring the dpr poster's set of image myths.

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