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How many would be offended...
In reply to msjhaffey, Jun 13, 2012

How many here would be offended if / when this post gets moved to a different forum because it has nothing to do with the Forum's purview ...

Or, what about the threads about the "best wide angle for my Dxxx" - will you be offended when they are moved to the Nikon SLR Lens forum ? ? - the clear subject is about a Nikon lens regardless of the body for it's intended use...

It seems IMO at least 50% of the congestion - which sometimes leads to trouble - stems from posts not really being posted in the proper forum...

A recent post about the purchase of the new MBP retina is a prime example ( and No I don't believe a vague reference to using that MBP with a Nikon camera makes it about Nikon DSLRs either ) I am a MAC user myself but if I want to partake in discussion about MACs as they relate to Digital Photography I usually go to that particular forum on this site - Does that not sound reasonable to you ? ...

I think that if that congestion were cleaned up then it would be much easier to " enforce " a " modicum of civility " amongst contributors to this site - perhaps making it "almost" entirely unnecessary ?

Further, without that congestion it might be nicer to see some subjects better discussed because they just might remain on the front page longer for people to see - - very rare that I flip past page 2....

Comments ??????

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