The cost of the War on Drugs

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Well since you have no problem with your kids being Alcoholics
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While the country has literally spent trillions, and the private prison "Industry" is making money hand over fist, the rest of us are just plain losers...

And it looks like the "war" will continue forever - That must please many

I am not certain your chart is a fair comparison. We do not hold parents responsible for raising their children. Schools in too many cases have implemented policies to ensure children fail once they graduate and enter the work force. And too many criminals have more than three convictions because of our legal system encouraging illegal activity.

Now take the parenting skills, school standings, and legal systems and compare them to the other countries and see how we rate. I am willing to bet that the other countries will have a much better rating. Perhaps crime is not the problem - but how we handle it - or don't handle it.

I'm not sure your post is relevant to the OP...

The OP will tell you that nothing is criminal until you declare it a crime. So up until the 1930's smoking marijuanna was not a criminal act. Then we found out that Black People were corrupting White women, and screwing them - So we made it a crime. Now we have a million peole in jail for this. Meawnile something like forty million Americans addicted to alcohol wonder around the country, and that's just perfectly fine.

Let me put it to you this way. I define a crime as an act of one person(s) against other people, that causes physical, financial, or in some cases mental harm. These are "acts" not states of mind. Nor are they states of intoxication - They are real, measurable, and definable. The government should protect us against "acts, but who are they to protect us against ourselves?

At worst drug use, and that includes alcohol, is a disease. I beieve government should help fight disaese. But last time I checked, prisons were not hospitals. Now maybe, if it was treated as a disease we could save trillions of dollars and save millions of lives. And some kid wont bare the burden of being a "Convicted criminal" because they got caught at 18 getting high.

I can't speak for every parent, nor will I try. However, I can speak for two parents. It would be our worst nightmare, so far, if we found our son was using drugs. Now, you want to make them legal. Thanks for your help. Thanks for nothing.

Then I suppose you have a point. How much do they drink by the way?

Did you know it's easier for a kid to score drugs then booze? Someone should come up with a way to deal with that...

Oh, never mind.


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