A SLAMMING indictment against abortion!

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Dave.... that's a false argument
In reply to Chato, Jun 12, 2012

We both know that the government has been telling us what to do with our bodies ever since governments were invented.

We conservatives are not anarchists. We do not oppose the idea of government or feel that the government has no right to "impose ANY limitations on our free choices." We simply feel that they shouldn't make unreasonable requests on our freedoms.

And yes... in this case you can be a "little pregnant" because there are grey areas.

For example, there are many reasonable limitations on our freedoms that most conservatives are in full agreement with:

  • mandating speed limits and traffic laws

  • requiring seat belts in cars and helmets for motorcyclists

  • mandating that you enroll your children in some school

  • collecting necessary taxes

  • prohibiting air and water pollution

  • laws regulating the disposal of toxic and dangerous materials

  • requiring certification to practice medicine, law, pharmacy, or operate an airplane

  • a military draft, during time of war or national crisis

  • imposing standards for foods and drug safety

  • protecting children from abusive parents

  • prohibiting violence towards others

  • prohibiting creating a risk to others (like yelling fire in a crowded theater)

and there are unreasonable limitations that many of us oppose:

  • telling you that you cannot smoke tobacco in public places outdoors

  • telling you you can't eat salt or sugar, or wear fur

  • punitive and confiscatory taxation

  • an overly broad interpretation of eminent domain

  • banning religious expression in public places (a direct violation of Article 1)

  • restrictions on gun ownership for adults with no criminal or psychiatric history

and there is a third category too. Governmental rules that some consider oppressive but others don't. This is the grey area:

  • harsh penalties for possessing small amounts of illegal drugs for personal use

  • prohibiting prostitution

  • prohibiting assisted suicide

  • protecting animals, plants and insects that no one gives a crap about

  • any laws directed at victimless crimes

The abortion debate is frequently framed in the way you just did.... "it's not human life... therefore you have the right to kill it." However, you would have a fit if we applied that very same standard to spotted owls, bald eagles, snail darters, turtle eggs, or even those rare mushrooms you collect. None of them are human life either.

Further, the concept of government not having the right to "violate your body" is relatively new, and contrary to all previous past practice. They violate your privacy every time you get on an airplane. They have the right to search you for weapons when you are arrested. And you cannot hide your drugs in your body cavities to avoid prosecution.

As I said in another post here, a vast majority of the public holds a view about abortion that falls into the grey area. They want some form of legal abortion for some very specific cases. But they don't want abortion on demand, for any or no reason, using any conceivable method, no matter how cruel.

The extremists on both ends are wrong.

If you want to damn the folks who would place an absolute ban on abortions, then you must also damn yourself for being unwilling to accept even the most sensible restrictions and limitations.
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