Film work flow in a Digital Age

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I'm so happy for all so-of-the-sudden film "discoverers", right now when fresh film are coming from the freezers or discount past-end-of-life shelves, processed most likely with expired chemicals kept in cool rooms -good for you. It is a great invention many of us left behind few decades ago and nowadays know that organic and true chemical process will no longer be the same as it used to be, accepting reality that at some stage even if we continue, it inevitably would turn digital if we wanted to show or share our work. We accepted both advantages and limitations of digital process and engaged in never-stopping quest to get as close to "ideal organic" results employing this new technology we embraced, making it yet again expensive hobby.

30 years ago a good gear used to cost a lot. Amateur colour photography was prohibitive expensive, yet some of us did it along with classic BW. Hassy was never a cheap stuff, Carl-Zeiss was what it is - we used to frown upon East German Praktica and Russian attempts in copying real deal (and quickly learnt that Kiew 80 magazines would scrape every 120 roll as a matter of religious consistency, the same as every Zorki and Zenit would chew through perforation on every 135 roll) - so we ended up getting Blades, Mamiyas, Contaxes and Nikons eating fish and chips instead of oysters.

Why I'm saying this? 'Cause I'm sick and tired of people finding "bargain film gear" that beats "new digital stuff" just like that. It could be all-metal lens but the glass was manufactured with such crude technology and over the years the coating, the glue and geometry has suffered to the point where any serious testing would not be worth electricity used for generating such a report.

And now and here, at the home of Digital, we have this avalanche of film supporters coming out the dark (yet barely seeing the dark room), spewing the fairy tales of film beauty (after the scanned files have gone through massive PP workflow, eventually displaying 800 pix big image in 8bit jpeg) and claiming "digital does not come close"..... what a massive hogwash.

I am happy for the poster who copy+paste his selling skills every time someone mentions word "film" across DPR forums, setting an example how "people" are ready to pay for "true organic film handmade chemical photos" - good on you, mate! I would never buy canned fog nor organic bottled water - but if you can sell it to suckers, I must admire true gift of yours, photography as a bonus.

As said, I'm happy for you all - now, vacuum tube amplifiers and commodore 64 software are discussed elsewhere, so is the film.
It's just too hard to stay polite anymore, nor I should hold it back.

It's a long rant, I know: I wouldn't be saying this, but just yesterday my very good fried (wealthy but un-talented owner of D3s, D800 and H2) said "In vain, I think I should go back to film, that's what I'll do". And he said it all and embodied the voice humming across various forums here at the home of digital photography.

(expecting many complaints from various familiar names)

Yes, I keep few of these, purely sentimental vale and future museum exhibits)

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