Travel setup with Ipad?

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Re: Travel setup with Ipad?
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Well good for you, you seemed to have cracked the use of the iPad. It maybe slightly smaller than a laptop but but apart from that I reckon the laptop will do all of what you list plus more. So where's the choice?

threeOh wrote:

With a bit of hesitation due to some of the rather comments, I'll respond. Ive used an iPad for travel for 3 years. First a 64gb model and now a 32gb dedicated to photo only.

"No serious photographer would use an iPad". Good luck with that one. I guess whoever said that would consider a retired photographer who was just paid $35,000 for one day's shooting for Mercedes Benz an amateur. Shoot, turn the cards over to the creative director, get paid. I just returned from a trip to Europe with him. As I do, he uses an iPad for travel.

Complaining about the lack of a mini USB port is old news. The iPad has wifi, learn what it can do. The camera connector kit is $30 versus perhaps several $100's on portable photo storage and cloud services that handle the kind of gig's people seem to need are not cheap. You don't need an adaptor for CF cards, you plug your camera into the iPad's usb connector (part of the $30 kit).

An iPad is not secure? I'd take an ssd over 5 redundant hard drives any day. Worst case is you have to break down and download a free utility to recover the data on whatever type of drive/memory malfunctioned. I've done it for friends who are profoundly careless at least a dozen times. All Windows users for some reason.

You must have a redundant backup. The cloud from the iPad. Or, I have an old 32gb iPod that I can wifi into from the iPad via the Photo Transfer app. Never bother though.

Wifi while traveling is not always quick? Perhaps in the USA, my travels are to the far east and Europe and I've never had any sort of issue maintaining a cloud based photo site I have. I post downsized jpeg's, raw would take longer. But it's hardly an issue if redundancy is that important to you.

My workflow. Import raw to iPad. Weed out losers (I weed out a lot, 70% not uncommon). Edit jpeg previews primarily in PhotoGene (occasionally Snapseed), export from PhotoGene to the Photo app. Use either iPhoto or a host of other apps to upload, depending what service I'm uploading to. When I get home I pretty much know which raw files I want to work on.

I travel at least 4 months a year and a 3 month trip to Europe every year. Can 25gb free do it over 3 months, no. So when it's convenient, I plug a portable drive I travel with into anyone's Mac and use the Image Capture app to transfer to the portable drive. No need to open iTunes (which you don't want to do). I would think the Windows world also has a means to do this. I've even gone into an Apple store in Italy and they let me use one of their display models for 10 minutes.

I find the iPad a great travel companion. My wife has an Air, as well as the 64gb iPad. The Air no longer travels and I have yet to dump files into her iPad.

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