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bobn2 wrote:

Peter 13 wrote:

Downsizing to reduce noise is a myth. Some people will never understand what they see when they zoom at 100%. Any time you view your image, or print it, you resize it. If you resize it first, and then resize it again, you are not gaining anything.

My usual workflow involves a resample of the crop I'll be using to an editing resolution, usually about twice the linear presentation dimension if its small (such as web or screen) or the presentation dimension if it is a print, then a resample to the target resolution after PP if necessary. The point about doing that final resample for yourself is that if you leave it to display or print drivers, it is often not done very well.

I agree with that. One of the problems is that you never know what the printer driver does. You may resample to 1200x1800 for a 4x6 print on a 300dpi printer but the driver always prints a slightly larger image to avoid unwanted borders and may resample your image again. For web presentation, this is not a problem.

I was talking about something different. Many people judge noise by 100% crops. They will start with an 18mp noisy file, for example, look at 100% and do not like what they see. Then they will resample to, say 8mp, zoom in again, and say - ha-ha! - less noise, and sleep well. When they wake up, they still display the resampled image on their 2mp monitor, or print 4x6, and the only thing they have done is to do the resampling in two stages.

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