Help please GH2/GH3 or EM-5 (OM-D)

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Re: Help please GH2/GH3 or EM-5 (OM-D)
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Jezzoh wrote:

There again.. if the GH2 is in the same ball park as the EM-5.. aaaargh!

Read the reviews. Look at the recent one from Luminous Landscape, for instance.

I have yet to see a review of the E-M5 that was not positive - most of them are overwhelmingly so. The author of the above-linked review uses two GH2s to film tutorial videos, but he's chosen the E-M5 as his carry-around camera. They're both good cameras - it just depends on what's important to you, and how much you're willing to spend to get what's important.

Does the EM-5 shoot 1:1 aspect ratio in raw, jpeg, manual and automatic?

My understanding is that it does 1:1 in JPEG and that some image editing software (LR 4.1, I believe) respects your aspect ratio choice when you open the RAW image.

Does splash proof mean it's also sand proof (off on holiday soon and just wondering if heaven forbid my kids manage to get sand into my bag)!!!

It's weatherized - splash and dust-proof, with a magnesium alloy body. It should be fine at keeping sand out of the camera, but I'd be worried about scratching the back screen or other parts of the camera with sand in a bag. If you get sand on it, you should be fine, but I wouldn't carry it naked in a bag full of sand for a long time.

Hand on heart.. is the menu system really annoying or simple and well thought out like most
of the Lumix brand seem to be?

The menu is complex, but the camera is also highly configurable. According to the previously linked review, it may be one of the most highly configurable cameras, ever. So it's important to keep in mind that there's no real way to build one of the most highly configurable cameras ever without having a menu that has a number of options.

Honestly, I find complaints about the menu complexity to be strange. Do you want a camera that you can configure, or do you want a camera with fewer menu options?

There have been a number of good articles written about configuring the E-M5, and I find that I'm rarely deep in the menus, once I got past the initial setup phase. It's nice to know that I can change a plethora of options if I ever decide it's necessary, but I'm pretty happy with the setup now, so there is very little reason for me to crack open the complicated menus now.

On the paint thing - I haven't seen it on mine, and I've been pretty rough on it. Fell over and banged it into a rock the day after I bought it - no paint scratched. My girlfriend dropped it from 3 feet onto concrete - no paint scratched. I just got back from spending a long weekend in a cabin close to the summit of a mountain in the alps. Took a rough and tumble ride on a quad / 4 wheeler up the mountain at 4:30 am to photograph the sunrise. The camera was out and banging around a bit. No paint scratched. Have put on and taken off the flash a number of times - no paint scratched. I've taken approximately 3,000 photos over the past month, and there's not a single scratch on my black E-M5 yet.

Ditto on the eye cup. It slid off partially (say 1/4) exactly one time in the past month - even when using the neck strap (eye cup against my button-down shirt) or with a sling strap (eye cup against my jeans). With all of my rough and tumble activities, hiking/climbing up mountains, falling into rivers, etc., mine doesn't try to come off.

I can't tell you which camera is right for you, but I can tell you that I don't think you'll be disappointed with the E-M5, unless you decide down the road that you spent more than you could afford on it.

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