Help please GH2/GH3 or EM-5 (OM-D)

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Aleo Veuliah
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Re: Help please GH2/GH3 or EM-5 (OM-D)
In reply to jalywol, Jun 11, 2012

Good advice here, I don't have any more to add

jalywol wrote:

Jezzoh wrote:

Wow Big Bob, your picture has swayed me a little bit closer to the em-5 although the nagging doubt I have is wondering if I'll regret not waiting for the GH3! I think my next camera will definitely be one or the other.. and then forget about camera bodies for a few years!

There again.. if the GH2 is in the same ball park as the EM-5.. aaaargh!

A couple of questions..

Does the EM-5 shoot 1:1 aspect ratio in raw, jpeg, manual and automatic?

Can't answer this one for sure but I think so.

Does splash proof mean it's also sand proof (off on holiday soon and just wondering if heaven forbid my kids manage to get sand into my bag)!!!

It does have weather sealed buttons, so it should be a little more sand resisitant, but to be honest, I would not want to risk getting particles of sand anywhere near the IBIS system, so I would not change lenses on the beach if there was any chance of grit being blown into the camera at any time. If you don't plan on lens changes and you use the weathersealed lens, I think you will do OK. On the other hand, I'd personally get one of those tough P&S type cameras if you knew you were going to be out taking family photos while on the beach....No risk of your $1300 investment getting grit inside it and gumming up the works, and no worries about it happening to distract you from having fun with your kids, either.

Hand on heart.. is the menu system really annoying or simple and well thought out like most of the Lumix brand seem to be?

If you like the Lumix menu system, you will not like the Oly menu system. Having used both, my preference is for the Lumix by a way long shot. If you read the threads here about the E-M5, one of the major comments is how involved the menu system is and how involved it is to set up the camera to use. Once you set it up and customize it you should be pretty good to go, though. There are still, however, some options that are much more accessible on the Lumixes, even after customization.

Is the GH2 really close to the EM-5 UPTO 3200?

Yes. If you plan on taking very high DR photos, the Oly will have an edge in highlight recovery, and if you plan of bringing up really dark shadows, the Oly will have somewhat less noise. However, if you use LR4 for your processing, the differences are not going to be huge by any stretch. (Read Louis Dobsons's posts about DR in the GH2 vs E-M5 when using LR4...and he is the king of shadow lifting; they are very interesting.)

The simple fact is that the GH2 was, and still is, a very very good camera. It compares favorably to the much newer E-M5 in most respects, bests it in Video performance, and falls short in the IBIS department. If you want to save some money and get a great camera, it is the way to go. If you need the IBIS and the weather sealing, then the E-M5 is it.


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