New paanasonic 12-35mm f2.8 and 35-100mm f2.8 lenses

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Amin Sabet
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@Krishna: I think they'll be great. Nice job ignoring the side show
In reply to Krishna Das, Jun 10, 2012

Early reviews for the 12-35 suggest excellent build and image quality. The 35-100 hopefully will offer the same, and yes the presence of these lenses will make the system even more appealing to Canon and Nikon users who are used to having excellent, fast lenses at these focal length equivalents.

You're doing well not engage the repetitive arguments from the those who feel entitled to choose which lenses are comparable and should be called "equivalent". There is nothing to be gained by exchanging comments with them. I haven't read a single one of their posts in this thread and won't be doing so, but I'm sure I could tell you exactly what they said.

The issue boils down to this:
Nikon puts out a 50mm f/1.4 lens for 135 format.

In order to make identical or near identical pictures with a lens for 4/3 (or Micro 4/3), you need a 25mm f/0.7 lens for 4/3, which would be harder to produce and more expensive to buy.

Does that mean that the 25/0.7 on Micro 4/3 is the established "equivalent" and only apples-to-apples comparison for the 50/1.4 on 135? All depends on your point of view and definitions you choose.

Most of the world says, 50/1.4 is a fast normal for 135 ("fast" by definition meaning within the context of that system) and 25/1.4 is a fast normal for 4/3 (again, by definition we are talking about within the context of the system), so they are equivalent. People who take this view/definition are not ignorant. They realize that a 50/1.4 on 135 and 25/1.4 on 4/3 are not the same in terms of low light performance or DOF for a given framing and therefore don't produce identical or near identical pictures, and there is no established definition of "equivalent" in photography that means this. There is only a treatise written by a single, biased, anonymous individual, and a small team of people who express it as if it has arrived from the heavens on stone tablets.

When Panasonic came out with the LX3, a 1/1.6" small sensor camera with a 24-60mm equivalent f/2-2.8 lens, a lot of pros gravitated to it as a pocket camera with a lens that is roughly the small-sensor "equivalent" to the fast 24-70/2.8 lens they were used to working with on 135 format. None of them were under the illusion that the LX3 was going to provide the same pictures (shallow DOF, low light IQ) as their 135 format kit, and it would have been very silly to try and beat them over the head about this which they already knew well.

There is an idea that those of us who find the repetitive arguments harmful to the forum are arguing for censorship and represent a form of "thought police", but in fact it is this small group of individuals who hammer on about so-called "equivalence" that are trying to police thoughts and force an acceptance of what, in the end, is their arbitrary point of view about what should be compared and how.

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