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Tom Caldwell
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Re: would not be a bad idea, how about in a GXR Module
In reply to rondom, Jun 10, 2012

rondom wrote:

the beauty of the new sensor is that it can be packed in a tiny body and therefore it is the logical replacement for the grd and (now dead) gx line.


you know how most people got really upset with the omission of gx and the introduction of an equivalent unit for the gxr line..the s10 unit is not bad at all-in terms of image quality way better than the gx200- but the form factor works against it. for those who are interested in multiple formats with a single body the GXR is a wonderful questions.

The Samsung EX1 is an example of something similar to the GX line with a fast lens but it ended up with a body more or less the size of the GXR. Not to say that I disagree with the fact that an S10 configration lens in a GRD size body is more practical for those that wish to carry their camera regularly on their body. The EX1 and the GXR (in all modules) are just a little on the large size to do this. As noted elsewhere the GXR fully kitted up in A12 mode with a solidly built wide RF lens is on the extra hefty weight side as well, but reassuringly has that well-made quality-built feel that goes with the density.

but if you want small sensor as your only camera-or your take everywhere camera-the GXR is not the best option.


also, remember the a12 28 unit is still here, and still an excellent camera unit. i don't see the point of a 1" units when you have the aps-c units with the same form factor-same body.

Yes as well, unless Ricoh make a Q mount module with 1" sensor (provided such a thing can be made) I think that they best stick with aps-c in the GXR in future.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable might comment on the possibility of the Q mount image circle working on a 1" sensor. If it were technically feasible then a GRD size and quality camera with Q mount and 1" sensor seems a really exciting development. However this I have mentioned before and I do not wish to labour the point further. But it might solve the repeated requests for a GRD with different focal lengths.

In the end whatever Riicoh/Pentax decides in that new vaguely rumoured smaller replaceable lensed camera I am sure it will be welcomed.

Franka T.L. wrote:

So long Ricoh can keep the more or less GR-D / GR-1 form factor and dimensions. The big question would be the sensor and the lens. I trust Ricoh can easily do the lens, and at 10mm it would still be easily made to be kept at f/2.0 or so.

Another thing though is the GXR, now picture this, take this 1" sensor and put it in a GXR module together with build in 10mm lens of f1/.7 or f/2.0 .... hmmm .... now actually if Ricoh could do one with a 15/16mm lens of f/1.7 ( retractable to be as flat as possible with the body ) it would be a killer standard.

And further; if Ricoh can do such a module with a new mirrorless ( electronic and AF enabled ) mount. It can greatly further the GXR functionality

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