sony nex3 or panny gf3

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Re: sony nex3 or panny gf3
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MadsR wrote:

rtol wrote:

Yes, no fast lenses, except the 50mm 1.8, 30mm 2.8, and 19mm 2.8 in e mount. Not to mention the fact that 2.8 in m43 is not equivalent to 2.8 on an aps-c sensor. There's that too. Not trolling, just being honest.

Ya, one fast lens (the 50mm) f2.8 is not that fast, we only got 1 prime as slow as that (native) besides adding the same 19 and 30mm lenses...

Basically, if you bring that 50mm in a low light situation indoor, you will not only get a very narrow DoF, you will also have to turn up ISO at least 3 to 5 stops over an E-Px camera, because the Sony does not have stabilization either and the longer FoV requires even longer shutter speeds...

The 50mm lens has stabilization so all your calculations there are completely irrelevant.

And no, f2.8 is f2,8 is f2.8... Putting the 19mm or 30mm f2.8 on the nex will not make it anything like the 20mm f1.7 on a m43 body, especially an Olympus one... You will by the very definition of the lens bump up ISO by 1½ stop, which negates any advantage the bigger sensor had, and in low light, with stabilization you must bump it at least a further stop...

Actually the increased DoF of m43 is a huge advantage i these situations, because we can open a lens more and still get the motive in focus!

So...then you admit f2.8 isn't f2.8 isn't f2.8. The DOF will be different, more will be in focus on the m43. That's what I was saying. Maybe that's not important to you, but I felt it was something the OP should consider when purchasing a camera because it's a fact. If you want to live in "ignore-every-fact-that-may-be-slightly-negative-towards-my-camera-brand -of-choice-land" go right ahead.

I don't work for any of these camera companies, I don't own stock in any of them. Some of the posters here seem so blindly brand biased that I'm fairly certain this is probably about one of the worst possible places to come for camera purchasing advice.

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