Why right wing leaders are so aggressive?

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Oh, poor baby
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lanef wrote:

Chato wrote:

lanef wrote:

Chato wrote:

lanef wrote:

Chato wrote:

So? A F-ing Nazi is your example of a "Right Wing Leader?"

Thems your words not mine.

And yes, such comparisons ARE shameful, whether they come from the Right or the Left.

Go and write to Yahoo news and tell them not to use the word far right and use Neo Nazi, or get them to give you the job to control the news.

Ignorance is bliss? Storm Front, the American Neo Nazi group is allied to the Republicans? One right winger is the same as another? Heck, you aiming to be the Glenn Beck of this board?

“Looks like everywhere in the world, those right wing leaders would play dirty or be very aggressive towards their counterparts.”

Here we go from the start, I use the word right wing when the article use “Far-right”
So I miss the word far, sorry if that got you ashamed.

Then Roger developed it with the situation in Australia and I commented, what got you ashamed here?

Conservatism, as much as I may disagree with it, is a legitimate political philosophy. Fascism is not "Conservatism." Golden Dawn is a Fascist "populist ' Political party. It is based on "race" and "hatred." It is not surprising that such a group would use political terroism to achieve it's ends.

I object to a comparison of Conservatism to Fascism. Now you did this unintentionally. Fine. I accept that. But NOW you know better.

Wow, who are you to tell others what they should know better? Why you don’t start to apply the same medicine to yourself?

I repeat myself; I quoted from the Yahoo article and used the world ring wing when the article use far right. I have no lesson to learn from you and I don’t think you know better than the world media.

Again, I repeat myself if you got ashamed so easily, why are you never ashamed when you spit your ugly venom on all Christians who frequent this forum, why? Please don't try that patronising trick on me, it is so fake.

I too am ashamed as many Christians here with you run your anti-Christians genre here too often to defend racial Islam and terrorist groups, so what I have written is nothing compared to your attack on some group of believers here, and you should be the last person to even used the word "ASHAMED". Amen, turn your ashamed feeling on and off when it suits you I don't care, but I have nothing to learn from you, nothing and nothing.

Ok, you don't agree with what I wrote and you want to criticise me, fine you are entitled to your opinion, but the word 'ASHAMED' does not suit you and sound so fake, so in the future spare me your fake emotions and deal with the facts, I will then just agree to disagree with you.

Yes the desperate need to change the subject. How pathetic. And you have the nerve to site Yahoo as your "source." Yahoo? Goodness.. Since they didn[';t say Neo Nazi, why then they;re not Neo Nazis'/

Look a-hole you compared a bunch of F-ing Nazis to all Conservatives. Since you CAN'T defend that, you bring up totally different subjects.

I'll bet your proud of that! Congratulations! What a man!


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