NEX-7 Sensor Dust Check/Cleaning

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Re: NEX-7 Sensor Dust Check/Cleaning
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If proper cleaning can't shift these spots then it's possible your camera came with dust between the AA / low-pass filter and the sensor. I believe that my NEX-7 has this.

During a recent lengthy trip far from home my NEX-7 got a rather large spot that I couldn't clean with the sort of material that you can carry on planes. I had to search for the pro camera store in a city where I couldn't speak the language and get the sensor cleaned. They got the big spot off and did a good job, but told me that there were several smaller spots that they couldn't remove because they seemed to be behind the AA filter.

Back home I threw all the possible cleaning tools and methods at the sensor and these spots still won't shift, so I think they're right. My camera isn't quite as new as yours, but even so, I'm not happy. I'm talking to my dealer about next steps.

It's true that they are hard to see at f11, but you can see them at f22 even before auto-levels. Either it came with them, which is not good, or there is some problem with the sealing of the AA filter, which is also not good. Either way, I'm going to see if Sony will fix it. At the very least it's going to make it hard to sell when I upgrade to the NEX-9.


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