Nikonrumors see the D600 as more likely and gives more specs

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Re: D3200 just a sensor nothing else
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TOF guy wrote:

Barry wrote:

Some of them belong on every camera regardless of price. The essentials are not covered no Auto FP is a deal breaker just on it's own.

Barry, the very vast majority of entry level dSLR will never buy an external flash. They wouldn't know what you're talking about.

My £199 budget 35mm camera can do all that and it did it over 10 years ago. Food for thought..

To me that's comparing apples to oranges (you're the one mentioning food :-)). Film 10 years ago was a very mature market. Competing manufacturers had to include more features at a lower price point in order to compete. And sensors were not a feature. Now AF points is something that attracts more buyers. So do sensor. 24 MP is high end for the market. How many AF sensors your 199 BP camera has? How many the competition offer in this price range?

More to the point the D3200 is poorly featured v it's rivals every camera on the market can do Auto FP/HSS DSLR wise.

Considering Nikon's commercial success (see their excellent latest financial results in spite of the disasters), I don't think you have a point at all. If Nikon introduces a feature which the vast majority of users will never use, that feature will not get Nikon market share. It's therefore a waste and instead the best approach is not to have the feature, to make the camera a little cheaper, or make a little more margin, or create more diffentiation with the higher end models which anyway will be the ones attracting more advanced users. The fact that Nikon's entry level cameras sell very well attest to Nikon's good understanding of who the D3200 catters to.

Well featured NOT is my response.

I should clarify my post: the D3200 is well featured for the intended audience .

While I agree with everything you posted in this post, one thing I don't agree with is the crippling of cameras. It doesn't necessarily increase the margins of that camera due to less features/parts, but it increases the margins of the entire system.

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