DSLR vs Mirrorless

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Re: DSLR vs Mirrorless
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To add to your list, mirrorless also has better automatic modes. This is obviously useful if you're a beginner, or sharing a beginner, but even for experts, it's getting to the point where autofocus was in the eighties. The automatic modes are not useful all the time, but there are now definite times to use them. The camera can think faster than you. This is especially true for the focus system on something like a Sony dSLT. With dSLRs, I was on spot focus. I'd focus on the object, shift the camera, and shoot. Now, with dSLTs, most of the time, I just shoot, and the camera focuses itself on the right thing. The choice of ISO/aperture/shutter is pretty good too. Here, I'm still in A-mode or manual most of the time, but there are definitely times when I use full automatic as well.

I'd really like to see a camera with an automatic mode with overrides, like on the late Minoltas, and early Sonys, but I'm not holding my breath.

Iso1975 wrote:

It seems that the mirrorless system beats by far the dslr system, so why isn't everyone going for mirrorless cameras?

Several reasons :

  • Autofocus speed.

  • Lens selection.

  • Already own $3000 of lenses for a dSLR system.

  • Prefer/used to dSLR ergonomics, or afraid to switch.

  • The wedding photographer/pro photographer on TV/etc. used Canon/Nikon. Many people are sheep.

It's clearly the future. It's also clearly not ready for everyone yet.

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