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Re: It's a solid release
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Meshuggah wrote:

how would you know? why dont you tell me what lenses i have?

It was a guess. Most people who have tried CDAF on a system which was not designed for it have a much more nuanced view on its merits than you display.

if you added a CDAF on top of sony's PDAF, to ensure more accuracy, yes it would take slightly longer to attain focus than PDAF only.

This would require a different construction of lenses than Sony currently has (or, for that matter, than Canikon currently has). The majority of modern DSLR lenses are not optimized for fine adjustment by CDAF - and this shows when they're used that way.

but if the you could shorten the time the PDAF portion takes, it could be the same speed overall as the original PDAF was.

If you shorten that, you have faster PDAF ... and why do you need CDAF at all then?

dont get mad bc sony is losing the AF war here.

A) I'm not mad (nor crazy, lulz) B) Sony is not losing while they're increasing market share and making money, and last I checked they are.

im guessing you are one of the guys who claims sony has a fast AF system?

Fast enough for my needs. But then, so does Canikon. I pick Sony for other reasons.

your personal vendetta is evident here.

It's an observation about what you choose to display about your personality. Don't feel special, I treat everybody this way.

im just glad i got so under you skin with nothing but the truth lol.

With incomplete information, rather. And I wouldn't call it "under my skin". You need to display a lot more cunning before that happens.

keep it up, the more you attack without any real argument the dumber you look.

As opposed to what you're doing right now? ;P

hmm now who is showing a lack of imagination? oh i limit whats possible and im wrong, you do it and you somehow know? lol ok

It's not a lack of imagination that makes todays and yesterdays DSLR lenses unsuited for CDAF. It's technical limitations in their design. And to blithely assume that Canon can surpass that difficulty while Sony magically cannot takes a very special kind of limitation of imagination.


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