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5tve wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Some high ISO comparisons between the 5DMKII & the D700 from Image Review even with a longer exposure the 5DMKII shows far more noise & loss of detail & look how faded the colors get as the ISO climbs.

That is thru you hands as known F&F twist Here is what I see in IR sample at ISO 6400 in a part that shows more meaningful textual details rather that magic "Nikon-made" fabric, LOL

Bear in mind that we are comparing at 100% cropped size. How about if we downsampling 5D2 to the same 12mp of D700 resolution, or be fair, upsampling D700 to the same 21mp of 5D2 resolution? Is that D800 fanboys always claiming that comparing at 36mp size?

Here is my processed IR 5D2 RAW at 100% size at ISO 3200. Due to the size limit in DPR posting, I have to cut into three pieces. I encourage you do the same and then let's compare again. Remember compare both at the same 12mp and then again at the same 21mp

And I thought we were debating your claim that the 5DMKII matches the D700 for noise on a pixel level.

Its high ISO basically matches to D700 even at per-pixel base on DPR lab tests

Here are both cameras at ISO 100 so we can compare what they should look like to the ISO 6400 versions.

At ISO 6400, D700 is only very slightly better at per-pixel basis, certainly not at one-stop advantage that probably is at the highest ISO 25600. Personally I only need high ISO to 6400.

And a quote from the DPR review of the 5DMKII

All the way up to ISO 3200 the 5D and 5D Mark II are about equal in terms of fine detail retained and noise on a per pixel basis, with the D700 slightly ahead. At the highest three settings, the D700 continues to be slightly ahead of the 5D Mark II, but the difference is not huge - about one stop advantage to the D700.

Exactly DPR said with words slightly that is also what I mean basically matches, I never said identical. It's an amazing that 21mp 5D2 can basically match 12mp at per-pixel basis in high ISO. When downsamping 5D2 files to the same 12mp, 5D2 will be as good as D700 but holding more details. Try to upsampling D700 to 21mp and compare?

Here is what DPR said in summary

While there are still other cameras in its class with marginally higher resolution, marginally better high ISO performance, more advanced AF, faster performance, better weather sealing and more solid build quality - and the Sony A900's built-in anti-shake remains unique in the full frame arena - the 5D Mark II is certainly one of the best value for money propositions on the market for image quality - especially in RAW, where you really can see the benefit of all 21 million pixels. Canon has also wisely made only minor tweaks to the external interface, so that 5D users can jump right in and feel at home. Looking at the package as a whole the EOS 5D Mark II seems hard to beat.

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