Nikon's winning ways! or 24mp DX revisited :)

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Barry Fitzgerald
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Re: Is it really that easy: Pentax a cheat and Nikon isn't?
In reply to deednets, Jun 8, 2012

deednets wrote:

Elvis who??

There is mention of Nikon D300 noise reduction at RAW level. I have some understanding of RAW level algorithms applied to a particular RAW data format and would have thought that since certain algorithms apply, it would be difficult to assume that one company delivers, if you like, real RAW, that is the bits recorded by a sensor without interpretation.

They said the same about the D90 too NR on raw well a few did (not many though). What I care about is if it impacts images and it did on the K-x and K-r models (splotching at high ISO of colour noise)

As for the K-5 I think the impact is minimal, but there is some additional NR going on there. Regardless it should be up to the use to have a choice on this.

I find it difficult, obviously more than you do, to assume that there is one company that leaves this interpreation untouched whereas another one would use this to enhance (artificially??) the output quality.

I believe Pentax did additional NR of that there isn't a lot of doubt.

Be it as it may, I am still impressed with the balance of detail and noise reduction of the Pentax K5 (I have a D300s). Strange though that people cannot just take it for the output but have to find flaws which leads to the assumption that you for one would rather have the D3200 output than the K5's??

The D3200 is to me as interesting as a fisher price camera, not to mock it but it's all pixels and nothing else, very basic model with very little to offer users, esp flash users.

If all that mattered was output quality, the K5 wouldn#t be imo a bad camera, in fact one of the best cameras on the market!

I tried a K-5 it's a nice camera but it has some issues one of which is low light AF I don't think you'd want to swap your D300s for one. Maybe the sensor yes..but the AF way.

I would stay a long way away from Pentax what looks good on paper isn't always as good in reality. They have more than a few problems with flash, AF is patchy across the range and they continued to sell K-r's with known AF fault. I know I had one..

Pentax support is among the worst I have ever experienced. They were perfectly happy to leave me with a K-r with massive FF in low kelvin I dumped Pentax rather quickly. It has potential..but with recent price hikes, a range of slow overpriced's really not a viable option unless you crave WR lenses and bodies.

There is good and bad in all makers I see nice ideas, some flaws and mixed areas. That's life I suppose..for a Nikon shooter I would not even look twice at them.

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