Having a horrible time with E-M5 ergonomics

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Re: Having a horrible time with E-M5 ergonomics
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Horshack wrote:

I've read through the manual but I'm having a really tough time getting the camera to do pretty much anything I want. Can someone please assist?

  • How do I change the size of the AF point? I found how one time accidentally but haven't found it since

Assuming you use S-AF+MF just twist the focusing ring to zoom and then twirl either control wheel. Squeeze huuter to confirm and re-focus.

  • The "zoom" button (assigned to either Fn1 or Fn2) doesn't work reliably. Sometimes the camera doesn't respond to it at all, even after several presses. If I cycle power on the camera it starts responding again, but then stops after a few times.

This will be the multi-fucntion thing on the buttons. I don't use this, but what is happening, I think, is you are pressing too long, which takes the camera into change function instead of do function mode. However, a much better way of zooming is turn the focusing ring.

  • How do I enable automatic image review? (get the camera to show the photo I just took took automatically without having to press the play button)

Wrench symbol, image rec view or something similar.

  • If I enter the menu and set an option and then exit the menu, if I quickly re-enter the menu the camera puts me in the same place, which is what I want. But if I wait a few seconds before re-entering the menu, the camera always puts me back to "Shooting Menu 1". Is there a way to change this behavior so the camera always puts me back in the last menu location?

Um, why aren't you using the SCP? I don't think it comes back into the same place on the ordinary menus, no.

  • If both "Live Control" and "Live SCP" are enabled, only "Live Control" is available - there doesn't appear to be a way to enter "Live SCP" when both options are enabled.

Press the button again, it toggles the next one. On the other hand, why enable live control? SCP does leave your last selection current.

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