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Mike_PEAT wrote:

chiane wrote:

Screams "What about shallow depth of field!",

If I was doing a shoot and I wanted shallow depth of field, I'd shoot with 2-1/4, 4x5, or 8x10...I wouldn't use 135/35mm.

Look at what A. Adams did with large format. Deep DoF across-the-frame sharpness. When every shot is meticulously planned and executed, it is possible to highlight the subject matter or idea without the help of shallow DoF and this was indeed sought after by a lot of the large format users. Subjects are in no doubt in Adams' sharp-across-the-frame images.

135 was a compromise, made possible by film technology advances, to get the camera portable, and photography became a true popular hobby with that. Really fast long lenses became possible given the small format and with the fast operation now possible, the "shallow DoF subject isolation" style of photos became more popular. You just focus on the subject and the lens will obliterate everything else. You can now work fast without thinking about the other stuff.

With digital, the cameras became much larger so the poor companies had to invent even smaller sensors to obtain sensible portability. M4/3 cameras are not much more compact than the Pentax ME Super and the original OM series. They are just the right size for people like me, who derived a lot of happiness from those cameras.

Try and justify M4/3 agains high quality small sensor compacts on the grounds of deeper DoF. Every format is a compromise and where the sweet spot is for anyone is a personal choice. M4/3 does not need fans defending it, sometimes passionately arguing against fundamental scientific principles. It only needs the public's money to succeed.

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