D90 now £449 body only

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Barry Fitzgerald
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Re: Step backwards
In reply to Mako2011, Jun 8, 2012

Mako2011 wrote:

I don't think the D7K came up....I was speaking of the replacement D7100 (which might also fill the D400 gap to some extent)

At this time it's mere speculation about a D7100 what it might be or offer and when it will arrive (I expect it later this year)

It's hard to know if they will beef it up to a near D400 level or if a D400 does arrive we simply have no idea on that one.

It's hard to argue with £450 for a body that is still quite respectable if a tad dated but mostly in release time not what it offers for the money.

I can see a 2 body solution need....but then in a few years that will mean replacing both vs leap frogging with say a D90/D7100 then D7300 (two generation jump)

Mako I'm not one to update models when the next new one is out. I'm a late buyer and always have been I prefer that take as prices fall you get more of a deal.

I won't sell either just use them both the max I can

I do see that point. But When compared directly in terms of IQ alone...the D90 looks a bit long in the tooth compared to say the D3200. Feature set though a different story, especially if what you shoot relies on the feature set (HDR for example)

Mako 24mp is not even remotely interesting for my needs in fact I'd say I have no interest in that 16mp would be as much as I would want to go to. 12mp is fine for me, heck even use my 6mp DSLR's too now they are dated (v the D90) but still work, and get some use.

I think folks sucker into IQ too much on these forums, more pixels they probably won't use..sure we have some high ISO improvements and DR etc..but it's not enough to tempt me. D3200 is entirely unsuited to my needs, small VF, much worse ergo than the D90, lacking very basic functions I need CLS and Auto FP. If you gave me one for nothing I'd sell it..and that's being dead honest. It's not that I could not use it for some work, I could..I'm not about to hobble my high end flashes with a body that can't do very simple things.

In many ways the D3200 did everyone a favour as the D3100 is now even cheaper, the D5100 has dropped down a lot in price too.

In some ways....but then that means it did the D40 an even bigger favor

Maybe for s/h prices. Right now there are some decent D3100 and D5100 deals out there I'd say skip the D3200 and leave the marketing hype on the shelf.

Grab a deal and enjoy that. If buying the latest camera made us better photographers I'd be all up for it

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