The equivalence war is lost...

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Re: Not really Dan,
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Steen Bay wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Brian Mosley wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

What was the thread all about then?

Simply that no-one in the mainstream of photography seems to care about equivalence - it's completely irrelevant within a single format, and when we switch between formats, we shoot to the capabilities we have in hand.

No fuss required, certainly not worth 500+ posts in the last 7 days in this forum.

Quite agreed. Most competent mainstream photographers internalised 'equivalence' years ago, and simply accept and use it when (if) they need to work across formats. There is no need for it to be controversial at all, yet it is.

Right, nothing controversial about it at all, but yet it is. Why is that? Is it because people don't understand relatively simple facts, or because the simple facts are expressed in a controversial way?

Amin Sabet doesnt seem to have the controversy following him around

and like me he thinks the difference is in delivery

of course every educator knows that the best way to bring the student group onside is to start calling them liars and hypocrites, to accuse people of being cognitively challenged and stupid.

and likewise his document on equivalence is overarchingly too long winded, about as comfortable a journey as reading a King James Bible backwards. Hardly a journalistic triumph when other 'published' works on the same matter get the job done nicely in one page not 50, of almost 50,000 words of unreadable drivel. Gezus he couldn't manage getting the thing unbanned from DPR any better than he can keep himself in work.

ever so slightly challenging question gets bypassed because he simply is unable to answer it.

when it comes down to it, he's a layman with no real feel for his subject who tries to tough talk his way out of a spot. He's quite simply a fake with no real credibility who uses equivalence as a tool to troll threads and trash forums.

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