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Re: Good point.
In reply to tigrebleu, Jun 8, 2012

tigrebleu wrote:

Sorry, meant to say "not really much smaller". I forgot the "much", typo error.

And I compared the K-01 to a Rebel T3 and Nikon D3100 and I didn't find the difference was enough to justify going K-01. If I wanted a mirrorless, I'd go smaller. But this is just opinion, and someone else might think the opposite for good reasons.

You were looking for a really small camera, which the K-01 isn't.

I don't see why the K-mount wouldn't be able to attract new customers.

Well, despite the K-5 being one of the best APS-C DSLR on the market (with the D7000, which as better AF and almost similar IQ but slightly cheaper and larger built and the 7D, which as better AF but slightly lower IQ), Pentax didn't manage to increase its marketshare in the DSLR business

They won't be trying it with one camera (two, if we're also counting the K-r), while fighting with sensor stain issues and preparing to be sold. Yes, it won't be easy but I think they'll manage.

Now a brand new lens mount, for a photographer coming from the point & shoot and who just wants a compact ILC, if designed from the ground up to provide fast and accurate AF with great IQ and great handling, could be a winner. Panasonic and Nikon have proven it's possible.

I'm sorry, but if they can't do it with the K-mount I don't see how they could do it by starting from scratch, with another system. Starting from scratch is IMHO much more likely to fail - almost certain.

A mirrorless camera with a new lens mount and new lenses could do that.

Or it could kill the company, if:

  • the K-mount will die due to insufficient resources (diverted to the MILC), and people thinking it's soon to be phased out, like the 4/3

Well, I doubt Nikon's F-mount will die because of the new C-mount.

You mean Nikon 1/CX? It's not really competing with the F-mount nor with the NEX/NX/m4/3; and Nikon is not as resource-starved as Pentax, by far.

I was talking about a full-fledged, APS mirrorless system; which needs high performance yet cheap cameras, and lots of lenses. Think about it this way: we have 8 new lenses on the K-mount roadmap, right? Most of them would have to disappear, to free R&D and prod capacity for the new system. Same for the cameras, at least one DSLR would need to be postponed/cancelled.

In the end, we'll have a poorly supported K-mount and a new MILC system nowhere near as "complete" as the weakest of the current ones.

And IMHO, if Olympus failed with the 4/3 mount, it isn't so much because of the resources allowed to M4/3, but because of the poor management that sent the company to near-bankruptcy.

Yes, 4/3 failed on its own - also because they couldn't deliver their promises. A smaller sensor size can't be compensated by marketing

  • Pentax would find out they can't compete on price like the other MILC manufacturers

They can compete with other ILC manufacturers if they wish and commit to being competitive.

Compete on price only, which is exactly what they don't want to do. Make exactly the same type of cameras as the others, but sell them cheaper - because they're "newcomers".

If they'd thought like that back in the mid-2000s, they wouldn't have launched the *ist D in fear it wouldn't compete against the Canon 10D or Nikon D100. Or the K-5, in fear it wouldn't compete against the D7000, which was less expensive by $300-400 when it was released. I'm sure a Pentax large-size sensor ILC designed from the ground up could be competitive in terms of price if it were to include interesting features, such as rugged design (few ILCs have weather seals, for instance).

But it doesn't work that way. The *istD was a part of the K-mount system, and the jump to digital was absolutely necessary (do it or die). The K-5 is a part of the K-mount system. Same for the K-30, and other K-mount cameras and lenses that will follow.

About the rugged MILC: this would be a quite specialized tool, and a "K-02 WR" would fit perfectly.

Make up your mind; a smaller mirrorless, or the similarly sized OM-D?

That's the whole point. The OM-D is a smaller camera than the K-01 overall (the OM-D is taller because of the EVF fake pentaprism, but it's also less thicker than the K-01, and much lighter).

The K-01 could be easier to store, due to it's shape. And if you're factoring in lenses...

The K-01 fails to be small enough to compete appropriately against other ILCs like the PEN-3 or Pana GH in terms of size, and yet it doesn't offer an EVF like the OM-D does (not to mention a decent RAW burst speed and a more accurate, faster AF), with a similar size.

Maybe Pentax did not wish to seriously compete with those cameras?

Good point. I'd rather have a EM-5 with a real pentaprism, but the OM-5 is still smaller than the smallest DSLR available now, while retaining the same IQ. For a lot of people, this would be a solid argument in favor of the EM-5 vs. the K-01.

But the more-or-less similarly sized (but differently shaped) K-01 is not smaller than the smallest DSLR? While having the best APS-C sensor on the market.

In short, I find the K-01 too close to a normal DSLR in terms of size for it to be a convincing mirrorless ILC, while not retaining the advantages of a DSLR (such as a faster burst speed and faster, more accurate AF) to be a genuine alternative to a real DSLR. The EM-5 fails in size, but succeeds in performance, in my opinion. That's what I mean when I say the K-01 should've been more like the OM-D.

Does it really succeeds? Against which DSLRs?

I understand what you're saying, but I don't see the point of a highly expensive Pentax MILC competing K30 and higher models.


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