What we're talking about when we talk about light...

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What we're talking about when we talk about light...

Hey, everyone. I'm here to present my new Wordpress.com blog called 50lux.com

I'm just getting started with it. I've had Wordpress.com blogs before, even a self-hosted and expensive WordPress.org blog that was linked to my even more expensive Photoshelter site. Tumblr, etc. But I'm back with Wordpress.com after seeing Peter's incredibly nice prosophos.com blog hosted on the same platform.

I've been frustrated for years trying to pull off a photography blog that works for me. I don't know why I didn't try free WordPress earlier but here I am and loving it.

Anyway. I'm also the new lucky owner of a brand new 50 Summilux ASPH, as I posted a few weeks ago. I saw some guy on Tumblr had a blog called '35lux' so hey, I've got the lens, I'm in my 50s, seems like a great idea. Couple of great ideas actually inspired by other Leica photographers and now I'm off and running.

My first real photography post is entitled What We're Talking About When We Talk About Light. The title of which is a play on short story title by Raymond Carver.

It genuinely springs from a certain frustration I have with the way I've heard so many photographers over the years talk about light. They can take on some pretty pretentious airs. But then, their photography very often backs up their pretentiousness which I guess would mean they're not quite as pretentious as they sound. I try to have fun with it and teach myself something and maybe give someone else an idea or two.

This latest post I guess represents the kinds of contributions that I'd like to make on 50lux.com. I'll cover some things from my photographic past but actually not that much. 50lux.com is about Leica and shooting Leica and the future of my own photography which will from this point on be only about Leica. I've got a few more Nikon lenses to sell, everything else is gone.

I'll be selling my great Nokton 40 and my wonderful silver Zeiss 50 Sonnar.

From now on it's the 50 'Lux and the 35 'Cron and nothing else. M7 for now but who knows down the road.

There is another long post right under the latest photography post. It's called My Sheri. I've been kind of not myself the last few months and some of that has been displayed online, including here. That blog entry might explain my crappy attitude.

Hope you guys visit 50lux.com often. It's not going to be focused so much on gear. In fact, not much at all. The gear questions have all been answered and continue to be answered elsewhere, here, SteveHuffPhoto.com, etc. The gear questions have all been answered for me. I'm done thinking about gear. I just want to talk about pictures.

I guess if I have a motto for the site it's, "Ask not what your cameras can do for you, but what you can do with your cameras."


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