Fox reveals the real agenda of the International Corporations

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Re: How about a new model for US corporations.....?
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It's not a question of Pensions for public workers - They don't want anyone to have a pension...

They just want to keep playing us off against each other

"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

Pensions are not sound financial decisions. They are in fact, stupid.

Paying CEO's and top management 10's of millions of dollars when the corporation is loosing money or run poorly are not sound financial decisions either.

Like many coprorations in Japan and Gemany, which we all know are very competitive, what if the top dogs took in less of the percentage and that money went instead to employee pensions?

You see, the guys in charge of corporations are the ones calling the shots in government and in their businesses. These guys very frequently operate under the cover that they are maximizing shareholder value and doing what is good for the business over the long haul. Poppycock.

These guys have the system rigged and they have government and the media parroting their values. Most of them are not looking after the shareholders or the employees. They are looking for ways to maximize their $$ through stock options and salary incentives based upon goals and incentives they set which are often NOT in the best interest of the shareholders or the employees.

What if the top dogs made less, like they do in many successfully foreign companies, and the employees received part of their retirement and/or compensation in company stock such that the success of the company affects their financial position?

What we are talking about is greed run rampant - plain & simple.

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Your a day late and a dollar short. These conversations should have been had 20 years ago.

Not the first time

Instead we find ourselves on a freight train headed full speed off the a cliff with no way to stop. Pensions LOL!

It certainly will if we take a defeatist attitude and accept what you say as being inevitable

The system has to change. We have entire industires built on making money off of money. People are getting rich by not contributing to the betterment of society... this has to change. We need a whole new outlook on money and the elimination of usuary for starters. As a society, I don't think we can do it because the current generation would have to sacrifce too much for us as a nation to get out of this hole. . . and they are to selfish to do that.

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