The X10 is toast

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Keith Aitken
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Fuji Put a lot of Effort into the X10
In reply to photofan1986, Jun 7, 2012

There is no "perfect" camera - we all look for different things,
and have different priorities and select the camera which best
suits our own needs.

If the Sony's IQ reaches that of the X10 then good for Sony.
I am envious of f/1.8 but that's it.

The lack of a Sony VF is a deal-killer for me. The X10 offers both
composing via LCD OR VF. Its low light, minimal noise capability
is amazing and the manual handling options are delightful
( although for my biggish hands, I would have liked a more
distinct thumb-rest ). I love the fact that unlike most P&S which
stop at f/8, the X10 goes way beyond. Images at f/2 seem as sharp
as f/4 or higher.

I tried and bought the cam knowing about the orbs - Fuji has had
a reputation over the past decade for creative and brilliant cameras
with irritating quirks. The X10 is no exception, but for me, the
positives outweigh any flaws.

The simple knurled ring for pressing and changing from aperture to
shutter in a nano-second is sheer brilliance. The subtle control of the
outer disc rim for moving forward or back on zoomed-in images is great.
The range is very useful. The DR is really excellent - If the Sony
matches X10 DR, then bully for Sony - Fuji was first, as it was with
the S3 and S5 DR, ( other flaws but amazing DR ). The EXR system is
a real brainwave for quick jpgs.

I am an absolute fan ( could you tell ). It is unfortunate that DPR has
not yet reviewed the X10, but in fairness they are waiting for the orb
issue to be settled, reduced, included, whatever . . .

Designs move forward - it won't be long before the X10 is overtaken,
but no reason to ditch it - I am keeping mine for a long time


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