Why do m4/3 shooters feel threated so by "Equivalence" ???

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Re: that remains the best link :)
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Great Bustard wrote:

John Mason wrote:

Love that link

I've shot with 4x5 down to 1/2 frame in film days

Equivilance is really just being aware of what choices and compromises to make for your desired intent as you work within different formats.


The OP point is most likely coming from people that tend towards the argument that FF gives the best balance of compromises in the current market. Then use that position to deride anyone not using FF. We used to get this a lot on the Olympus SLR forum from a couple of Nikon users (trolls) rather consistently.

I might even agree with that view if control of DOF effects is your primary selection criteria in a camera.

Absolutely. Personally, I love ultra shallow DOF photography, and that is why I shoot FF. However, I have never been of the opinion that others should shoot the way I do, and find it irritating that people falsely accuse me of this all the time.

Still, you can get pretty much any DOF effect from any format by changing other factors like distance to the subject verses focal length selected.

Absolutely. It's just that systems with larger sensors typically have more perspective-framing-DOF options . But those options come at a cost, in terms of size, weight, and money.

The new 75 coming out for m4/3rds should allow from a new level of DOF 3d effect in a m4/3rds format which is probably why the lens was designed. The shooting distances will be just as inconvenient as shooting a 150mm on FF

The Sigma 150 / 2.8 macro was a favorite of mine on FF, but, like a fool, I sold it and replaced it with the 70 / 2.8 macro and 200 / 2.8L. The next lens I buy will either be that lens, or the new OS version.

On the other hand, look at the size differential between an EM5 + 75 / 1.8 vs 5D3 + 150 / 2.8 OS macro -- it's massive! Of course, it is a macro lens, but I'm just saying.

In all honesty, I'd love an EM5 + 12-2 + 45 / 1.8 + 75 / 1.8 -- but it's just too expensive for me to add right now.

And thus I just used equivilance in a sentence!

The odd thing is that a lot of times with the fast primes I have in FF I'm stopping down a bit just to make sure my DOF is not too thin. You can get silly with a lens like the 85 1.2 if you are not careful. Also many of the FF fast lens choices are not at their best wide open in terms of sharpness.

Yes -- ultra shallow DOF is a tricky beast.

These new m4/3 primes look completely usable fully open which lessens the real practical difference between the formats imo.

On that point I completely disagree -- I don't hesitate in the least to shoot wide open with fast primes on FF. In fact, it's why I have the fast primes.

Time for a little (hopefully) useful disagreement again. As I think you already know, I am with John on this. While there are some similarly fast (in f-stop terms) FF lenses that might keep up with lenses like the 12/2, the 20/1.7, the 45/1.8, and (presumably) the 75/1.8, they are not that common, usually of recent origin, and often quite expensive. I don't know which specific lenses you personally have and what your standards of acceptable performance is, but if we are talking systems performance rather than personal preferences and criteria, I agree with John that the good wide-open performance of these MFT primes lessens the practical difference between the formats.

That being said, I love my fast FF lenses and I am disappointed I can't seem to find any 25 1.4 pany's on the web today since I finally found an EM5 in stock. A fast prime with Olympus's great ibis is going to be great fun!

And that brings up a major gripe I have with Canon -- no sensor IS! Not only do none of my lenses have IS, there aren't even IS versions of any of my lenses. And Canon put out a BS "white paper" saying how much better lens IS is. Even if it were (and the evidence most certainly does not support that), what good is lens IS if none of your lenses have it?

Now we can agree again. Very happy about the appearance of the E-M5 in this regard. I never even considered a Pen due to the lack of a built-in VF and the rather poor 12 MP sensor. But I always wanted IBIS (as I used to have on my Pentax). Fortunately, I can now get it all.

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