Circular Banding is more likely vignetting correction.

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Re: Circular Banding is more likely vignetting correction.
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sensibill wrote:

And you don't think the 4 second exposure time had a role in that?

nope, because the clippings can also occur on images with fast shutterspeed.

With SR on, the NX200 is about the same as the 5N. I think comparing it to a $1400 camera is reaching a bit.

I suppose you haven't seen viktor's test. you might want to ask him about that since he was the one who conducted the test and I'm not that keen on doing the hardwork to convince you of looking for that thread and that topic that has already been discussed and you're not paying me. so it's no longer my problem if you disagree. you can send him a pm, his user id is verybiglebowski. his tests are real world and has more bearing on what the camera does.

Yes, but the NX200 does not have inferior DR to the other cameras in its class, is my point. There's no highlight clipping problem.

which class? you did mention APS-C right? you didn't say mirrorless.

Since we're comparing to the NEX-5N, I'd point out that while the NX200 does have a steeper highlight curve with SR turned off, with similar settings (as best you can manage it with two different makes), the 5N has less shadow detail. Not as much EV as it gains at the top, but then you can equalize that with SR and DRO. Then you lose a bit in shadow (makes it level with 5N according to DPR) and boosts highlights (again makes it roughly even with 5N).

So yes, there's about half a stop less highlight than a 5N with SR off, but how many shots will demand both ends, and how many mirrorless cameras offer the same unadjusted DR of the D7000 (which btw still falls a bit short of the 5N in the high end)?

did you miss my point where I would prefer something with a wider DR? and yes, I suggest you use the D7000 first.

And again, what does that have to do with you saying the NX200 has an issue with highlight clipping?

because anything that sounds negative makes you doubtful instantly.

The fact is, no camera is all things with all features. The 5N beats the D7000 in the high range with DR adjustments off on both, and the D7000 has much better shadow range similarly 'stock'. Why is that OK for the Nikon and not the NX200?

have you actually used the D7000? because I did and it was really good.

anyway, I have important things to do and this discussion is pretty uneventful. if you disagree and makes you doubtful, then it's not my problem. because it's just a waste of time if you keep on missing the point. I got clippings, to me it can be a problem. having better DR would be nice. period.

if you still don't stop, I think you just love to argue for the sake of argument or you just want to hear that you are right? if that's what you are after, then I say that you are absolutely right about everything and the dissatisfaction I have with the NX200 clippings is just a pigment of my imagination and it is a heresy to say that the NX200 DR is not inferior. now does that make you feel better?

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