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Re: Can someone please explain what the big debate is even about ??
In reply to millsart, Jun 7, 2012

millsart wrote:

Reason being is that I'm using a 25mm lens, not a 50mm lens.

Anyone who's ever used a compact, or even a camera phone certainly can see this firsthand, thats why nearly everything is in focus even shot wide open.

Don't we all agree on that ???

Sadly, no. I just popped over here recently since coming close to buying a GH2 (it's still in my cart after several days, though I think I'll hold off on a decision 'til fall). And in that time, between the comments section on the 75/1.8 announcement and 2 or three separate threads, I've seen this discourse:

1: The m43 xxx/x.x lens is a great bargain or is the lens that will bring FF to its knees because it's a lighter, cheaper, smaller 2*xxx/x.x !

2: No, it's a 2*xxx/2*x.xx

3: You have no idea what you're talking about !
4: Troll !
5: Go away, we're tired of hearing this !
6: Stop spewing your equivalence venom !
7: Here comes the equivalence squad !
8: f/x.x is f/x.x

9: More insecure FF users sorry they bought a big, expensive kit that's going to blow out their shoulder
10: Troll !
11: f/x.x is f/x.x

I'm not sure why it bothers people that the "equivalence squad" repeatedly corrects repeated mistakes. It's a bit disturbing, really. Like they don't want you to look behind the curtain and see that the great Oz is really just some guy from Kansas.

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