MFT's weakest point

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Re: MFT's weakest point
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Again, those don't seem as problematic as the ones I showed you (very nice mind) and I would have no problem doing those with the EVF...

PerL wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:

I can only repeat I shoot in extreme lighting conditions and never get a problem.

Its a matter of physics, the DR of an EVF is limited. Here are some DR challenging shots, midtones fixed in PP, that would cause an EVF problem, (shot in Monte Gordo...)

This maybe looks unproblematic but had to have a serious midtone lift:

See also Luminous Landscapes discussion about this, with samples a little bit down on the page:

PerL wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:

Could it be you have the thing set to WYSIWYG?

I switch that off the moment I get the camera. Then I find the EVF just fine.

As soon as you hit the DR limit of the EVF (which is less than the RAW capture) you will get problems with blown out highlights or blocked shadows in the EVF.

Big Ga wrote:

davidrm wrote:

the VF-2 in optimal conditions just gets out of the way and is almost OVF-like.


But away from its comfort zone it's horrible. In bright sunlight the contrast is harsh and the dynamic range so narrow that it makes composing really an unpleasant experience.

I've been saying pretty much the exact same thing (albeit about the panasonic EVFs) for some time now, yet there are still a number of people who disagree and pretty much claim that its as good as an OVF in ALL the conditions they shoot in (or at least they don't see any degradation in the shooting experience)

This fascinates me. Either its a classic case of denial - they just don't want to admit that the EVF gives inferior results, or they indeed shoot ALL the time in the 'comfort zone' and never push things (which is possible, and I believe explains the mindset of a whole bunch of 1022 fanboys who are totally oblivious to the noise/DR/AF failings of the older Oly cameras).

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