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Shotcents wrote:

Scott, I'm a 5DII user and I had a good day of shooting with the 5DIII and D800 to decide which one to buy. I own more Canon glass than Nikon and I had a "practical bias" in wanting the 5DIII to at least equal the D800.

It does not take a big crop to easily see the resolution advantage of the D800. We made 13X19 prints using typical crops of 15-25% and this really made the D800 images stand out. We did NOT experience the big DR difference people are excited about, but I'm sure wedding shooters will welcome the D800's abilities in that area.

Outside of the silent shooting ability the 5DIII was simply a less powerful tool than the 5DIII. It came down to IQ just as much as it did features. The Nikon tracked better. It can remotely trigger flashes with it's built in flash, had obvious detail advantages at high ISO's, has faster flash sync, sharper video, AF for video, useful crop modes, AF assist light, face recognition, HDMI out and a bunch of other stuff.

Each of the Nikon advantages can be ticked off as small or even not important, but the number of them is just too high and it makes the D800 more versatile. I can slap a small 50mm on the D800 and head out with just the camera and shoot in the dark if I want. The 5DIII needs a cumbersome flash for that. The D800 videos look very sharp. The 5DIII needs post sharpening or they look just like my 5DII files. In fact the 5DIII looks pretty much like the 5DII except for the focusing, which is what it should have had years ago. The 5DIII is nice, but it's way too late for the game that Nikon is playing.

So I ordered a D800. And if Canon continues to languish I will buy more Nikon gear and less of Canon's.


Hi Robert,

I can definitely see where you're coming from - when you add up all the small stuff you get a big difference, but one comment has me a bit puzzled - the one about shooting in the dark with the D800 and a fast 50. At really, really high ISOs I get cleaner, more detailed results with the 5DIII than the D700 (pixel-peeped to 100%, that is). Of course the D800 has even more resolution but I'm surprised you rate it higher than the 5DIII for very low-light conditions (the 5DIII with the EF50/1.4 will nail focus easily in lighting so much lower than I expected it's quite amazing). I wish I has access to a D800 to try a back-to-back comparison of this behavior for myself - then again, maybe I don't!


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