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RaajS wrote:


You make some great points and your article is definitely worth reading. My own relationship with both the M8 and the M9 has been an on/off, love-hate relationship. Not because I can't focus manually but for different reasons. The M8 annoyed me because of the need to use IR-cut filters if one wanted proper color rendering in certain situations. I've since gotten past that and pretty much shoot B&W with it. The M9 angered me because on two separate occasions, I lost all the images on the card die the random card corruption problems that come up with the M9. The first time, I was out shooting and creatively felt on fire - I was seeing things in a very different way and it was a tremendous disappointment to come back with a card that had been corrupted. The second time, I lost all the images from a once-in-a-lifetime concert. I came pretty close to physically throwing the M9 at the wall.

I started the M9 on some 8 gb SDHC cards and not those latest ones and haven't had any incident. Lately i been using the 16gb ones and so far its ok. It is a tremendous let down if the cards gets corrupted while being used and i can surely associate with that!

I'm glad I didn't. Of late, I find that the Ms inspire me to shoot and create images in a way that no other camera system does. The Ricoh GXR comes close but not quite. I certainly am not inspired to shoot with my Nikons, though they are superb cameras too, in quite the same way. There is something about the Ms that tends to grab your soul after a while.

I think the key takeaway for me, and you do emphasize that in your article, is practice . The Ms require a lot more work before one can harness them to their true potential as tools that enable, that get out of the way and that require you to take complete responsibility for the images you get. If the images suck, the reason is most often to be found by looking in the mirror!

I got my nikon 1 after reading Steve's site , i do love some of his articles and daily inspiration sharing . I totally agree with you that somehow, using my nikons fails to inspire me too regardless of how much logic i sold myself on it (zero sound shutter, zoom lens, fast continuous shots ...)

BTW, Peter (Prosophos) has elevated the use of the M9 to where he shoots sports and gets great images (there are some example on the forum right now)!


He is turning into a Jedi master! hahaha, Peter is one of those guys that does not care about if the lens is leica or not but rather on its results, his recommendation on Nokton 40mm seems to have driven the product always out of stock.

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