5DIII DR in real world pics

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Re:You're right.
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Fuzzy, my last time ever directly reply your post, I swear! And do the same not to reply me directly and don't ever call my name explicitly as usually you initiated in many threads.

Go away as you jumping into Canon forums only for trolling as exactly said by others who used to engage debates with you such as another Peter 'Peter 13'.

Faintandfuzzy wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

hahaha, if it's only me maybe you have a value to say so but we have heard many others don't see or see virtually none. Are their eyes all having problems?

We also have numerous people who have commented on the fact that it is visible. They even see it in the same places I do. Now really, if you were honest, you'd admit it. But you can't because you make a point of arguing the opposite of everythinng I say. I'll let you launch into yet another incoherent, illogical, and false tirade about me, my work, my experience, etc, etc. I'm off to photograph another couple on their special day. Maybe I'll post a few so you can offer yet another critique as to how awful they are. If that makes you feel better about yourself, then I'm happy to help. I wonder what your students would think of what you write and how you treat people?

carlk wrote:
It's actually very hard to see with both eyes closed.

qianp2k wrote:

It's not obviously at all in normal view angle (+ and - 90 degree against the LCD monitor surface). You only can see a little bit by viewing at very small angle (against the LCD monitor surface). I know it would not show up at X * Y print as print (a equivalent to apply a large amount of NR) is a good excuse these days to deny the difference, LOL

carlk wrote:

ak1999 wrote:

rwbaron wrote:

Sorry, but I'm now viewing on my freshly calibrated 24 inch monitor in a dark room and there is no visible pattern noise in either of the processed images. I can only assume the gamma setting is not correct on your monitors for you to say "it is clearly evident" and "even my wife can see it".


Banding is easily spotted on upper right corner on fourth picture.

Look at the wood beams. There are vertical bandings that cover across different beams.

Yes it's there. Aslo on the back of the guy in the left side of the second picture. They will look much worse at 100% not sure why op even missed that.

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