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Re: 550D Shutter Button Problem
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Omlaxx wrote:

I've got the 550D, and after a year of use or so, the handle grip started peeling off. So I decided (and I do understand it was a pretty stupid idea now) to glue just a little bit of superglue under the shutter button, where the grip was peeling off. Turns out there is this little hole under the grip going into the shutter button mechanism. I find this really weird btw as there is no such gap any other place under the grip. When I tried to use my camera after that again, I found the shutter button had stopped working normally. Now I have to push really hard, or push to the left to make the shutter go off.

Did the shutter button problem appear immediately after you glued the grip? I ask because shutter button problems are reasonably common on Canon DSLRs.

I'm not sure what to do now. Will canon be able to help me since I did this myself? Is there a trick to make the glue go away somehow? Any help is appreciated.

The obvious answer is to replace the shutter switch. If there isn't any damage to the switch, it might just need a good clean. Normally this involves opening the camera and dismantling the switch. This isn't really a DIY job unless you are experienced at this kind of work.

There is a trick that might be worth trying. This involves pouring pure isopropyl alcohol into the shutter button via the battery compartment. The shutter button should be clicked repeatedly while it is wet. The camera must be inverted and held at the correct angle to keep the alcohol from getting into other parts of the camera. There are a few videos on YouTube describing the procedure.

Do this at your own risk. Pouring liquid into your camera isn't usually recommended.

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