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Re: Some simple questions, then.
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Great Bustard wrote:

papillon_65 wrote:

First question:

Is saying "f/2 on mFT is equivalent to f/4 on FF" an example of "stirring up trouble"?

On the basis that you know exactly where that question will lead based on hundreds of previous threads on that exact same topic I'd say it's a sleeping dog best left alone.

As I said in another post somewhere, Galileo was jailed (well, house arrest) for promoting the Heliocentric model. 400 years later, the Catholic Church absolved him of his "crime".

I hardly think equivalence theory in digital photography is directly comparable lol.

But it really is. It's a different framework from what people are accustomed two, and they react violently to those that upset their status quo. People have not changed.

What I'm saying, is that my idea of "better moderation" is not having to ignore those who slander you. For example, upthread with Tim in upstate NY makes a post of the complaint he filed with the lie that I have "no interest himself in m4/3 equipment and has openly said so more than once".

That's a frustrated forum member tired of all the equivalence theory, I'm not defending either stance but you do bring comments like that upon yourself, which kind of makes my point about the frequency of such debates.

I have never disparaged 4/3 or mFT. And saying "I'm not defending either stance" is a morally weak position. He was wrong, he slandered me, and he was not justified in any way, shape, or form. And the fact that you "justify" such behavior crystalizes what is wrong with this forum.

Maybe you would let it go, but that's not my style, and I don't understand why I should have to let things like that go. I've even had people attack me through my family.

Then really you need to evaluate what you are doing because if that happened to me I'd be out of here because it isn't even close to being that important.

Well that's not true, is it? You didn't walk away from my reply to your post, did you?

I don't see any reason to ignore such things.

Therein lies the rub, to my knowledge the irresistible force and the immovable object are still at loggerheads.

Sometimes, it's a matter of black and white, as with Amin's inacurate comments about what Equivalence says or Tim in upstate NY's comments on my opinion of 4/3 and mFT.

Other times, there are misunderstandings made in good faith, that can and should be amicably resolved.

However, sometimes there's just a plain difference in opinion (e.g. "FF is better" or "mFT is better") which also can, and should, be amicably accepted as personal opinions.

I'm all for amicable discussions. But there are many who actively misrepresent what I say, and, no, I don't want to walk away. But, rather than get frustrated by it, I take the "entertainment" as it comes.

I for one, got my "status quo" upset a week or two ago. But it made me think, which can be dangerous. I had to remember stuff about f numbers and how they are figured, about "total light" (an analogy = 1/4 wave antenna and a full wave in radio communication, and how each picked up a differing strength of signal against back ground noise) Well I did some thinking. And it's no biggie, to listen to someone else's ideas. No I'm not going on a crusade over it, but I have begun to understand it.

M43 suits me fine. I had thought of going to full frame when the 5d first came out, but went a different route, even though I had some EF lenses.. and then when the mirrorless came out - I had some reasons to go for that. I'm sure there "ARE" reasons why a D3-4 or a Canon 1d series cost what they do..or a Leica M9..or a Monochrom. But there really is getting to be less of telling differences in the "real world" so it doesn't bother me much. I do not care about someones background, if they were "banned" if others can't understand, or don't agree. But if I can learn something from a guy in a suit, or one in Khaki's who cares? Or even if I don't learn anything, I might discover something else, from thinking about it.

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